Joe Rosenstein

Study Guide

This Study Guide is intended to accompany Siddur Eit Ratzon. It may be used in a number of settings:

  • Family study groups
  • Mostly self-study
  • Adult education programs
  • Informal study groups
  • Learners’ services
  • Youth programs

The Study Guide, like Siddur Eit Ratzon, is designed to help people become more familiar with Jewish prayer. So, if that’s the purpose of the Siddur, why is a Study Guide needed? The text of the Study Guide is similar to the text in the commentary column of the Siddur, but it is organized differently. While the Siddur organizes the information and perspectives according to the service, the Study Guide presents the information from the perspective of the learner.

The Study Guide is presently envisioned as consisting of about 8 units, each with a number of sections. The first unit, presented here in draft form, is entitled An Overview of the Shabbat Morning Service”. There will be an additional unit for each main section of the traditional service, and a unit that deals with festival services. The Study Guide will be structured so that it can be used flexibly to meet the needs of a variety of programs.

Comments and suggestions on this draft are welcome. If you have used or reviewed the initial unit, please convey your comments to the author via